Blockchain AI

BlockChain A.I: A Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Holding and services company


Our company aims to provide great quality services to everyone around.

Cryptocurrency Services

Our blockchain services aim to provide a high quality service to everyone involved in this market. AITCA makes sure that every customer is satisfied and that their money is safe.

Currency Exchange Services

Our cryptocurrency exchange services allow you to Trade AITCA for BTC or ETH, for instance. Our secure platform will leverage the existing blockchain infrastructure to boost your earnings and keep your funds safe from outsiders.

Artificial Intelligence

Sure. There may be some stigma around it, but Artificial Intelligence is here to help, and it's the future. Our crafty chatbot will help you during your day, or even help you during your activities with AITCA and Blockchain AI, lessening the load on our Support Agents and hopefully providing you with a better Service. AITCA.AI is expandable, with infinite potential for innovation.

Our Vision

Blockchain AI LLC is the parent holding company of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence projects both our own and others. It is the parent company of AITCA. BAILLC mission is to provide cutting edge AI and Blockchain solutions to the masses and also specific niche’s. BAILLC also gladly partners with those in the industry for cross team collaboration and research. Feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities.

Our Goals

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