Use our wallet to store assets of any kind and participate in our private blockchain network. Use the BAI platform to issue assets for any personal / organizational or non-profit financial needs.The BAI platform is your own financial/private network. BAI assets are very unique in make-up, as they have some characteristics of cryptocurrency, some characteristics of a token and yet can be seen as a hybrid asset/token/cryptocurrency which make BAI asset inherently more valuable to our users. You can also use the BAI platform to buy/sell or trade goods and services (gold/diamonds/land etc).

Get Started With BAI

Getting started is easy and it only take a few minutes.Join us today and enjoy countless perks and benefits.

Militory-grade encryption

Our services use state of the art encryption and secure measures to make sure no intruder ever gets their hands on your assets.

Free Exchanges

Our exchange service is free and allows you to trade your BAI assets for other currencies,and cash them in.

Wallet & Exchange

In order to make sure you get the best out of BAI services, we include a free wallet and exchange service availble now.