BAI LLC is private holding company with a foothold in various industries including: trading/mining (precious metals, gems, diamonds, oil), financial and digital services including being an IaaS provider. BAI LLC launched the BAI Wallet which is a private blockchain wallet which can be used for sending cryptocurrency, fundraising, holding digital assets (land, music, film, diamonds, gold) bartering, selling unique products and more. BAI LLC is directly involved with implementation/management services in precious metals and oil mining/drilling. Please contact us to inquire about how we can work together.

BAI Services

Artificial Intelligence Services


BAI LLC along with our working partner AMCO IT can deliver you customized and unique AI services and products that you can either host on your own servers, or we can host in house securely. Please contact us for full details on our services.

AI Investment Analytics

Customized AI Investment Products

BAI can customize specifc Artificial Intelligence products/services for personal and corporate/business needs (government also). BAI AI can help you gain a competative market edge whether dealing in the stock market, or cryptocurrency market. BAI AI analyzes and can inform of market performance of specific stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

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How BAI Investment & Security AI Works

BAI creates an Artificial Intelligence service which will be housed on one of our many servers. It is than implemented based on our clients needs whether it is for the security or financial industry, and maintained by us to protecting their security and guarantee the delivery and results they expect.

BAI is a Blockchain & AI consulting and holding company for various industries. BAI launched our own Blockchain Wallet which can be used for fundraising, holding digital assets (land, music, diamonds, gold etc), and which can be using in time billing as well. You can also use creation of an asset as a shipment tracker which will be explained in our user guide. BAI offers consulting and implementation and management services of various Artificial Intelligence products based on your specific need. Please contact us to inquire about how we can help you achieve your AI needs.